Tri-County Rooter Sewer and Drain


Clogged drains happen. And when they do it is not fun. Whether your clog is outside of your home or inside of your home – Tri county rooter can diagnose the problem and typically resolve very quickly and for a reasonable price. We handle clogged drains for restaurants, bars, golf courses, grocery stores, gas stations, and much more.

If it’s clogged, we can fix it!

Tri county Rooter performs sewer service and drain cleaning for several tri-county areas in Georgia and South Carolina.  Tri County Rooter can get your drain un-clogged in a timely and professional fashion.  We received referrals from several plumbers in the area when they can not get the job done.

We try our best to get your drains flowing again in the same day!

 We specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial drain cleaning and use the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry.

If it’s clogged; give us a shot to fix it. 

Kitchen, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, a/c lines, bathtub drains, face-bowls, pool drains, storm drains, floor drains, grease trap lines, ice maker lines, triple sinks, urinals, large capacity, dishwasher lines, drink machine lines, lift stations, baptismal drains lines, etc.